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The Algie Family
Back Row - William, Bob, Agnes, Jim
Front Row - ?, ?, Margaret (Patterson) and James Algie, ?, ?




Example of log and sod hut similar to the one
build by the Algie family in Morrowville, Kansas


James Algie owned a grocery and liquor store in Glasgow, Scotland. He was doing well, and had a good going business. His wife, Margaret, became anti-liquor and objected strongly to this atmosphere for her five growing sons.

James invested in housing for coal miners, and encouraged his friends to invest also, which they did on his say so. The venture didn't work out and he lost all his money. In paying back his friends he also lost his business. It was at this time they began to think about coming to America to make a fresh start.

A cousin (Creighton) had gone to America and sent home glowing reports. James sent his oldest son James to America. He visited his cousin in Kansas and was satisfied with what he saw. His parents were satisfied with his word and went to America in a sailing ship in 1883. They landed in New York and took a train to Lawrence, Kansas (or Washington, possibly Washington County)

Their first home was a sod-hut built in the side of a hill. The hut was built with logs and a large heavy door. In the winter snow blew through the cracks and drifted snow on the beds. Margaret brought with her to America dishes and knick-knacks. James had built shelves for the dishes behind the door, and during a bad storm the door blew back and broke most of the china. Mother (Margaret Robertson Carruthers) remembers a few pieces of the china, lily of the valley pattern.

James farmed at first, growing vegetables and raising chickens. They traded for other needed commodities. James found he was no farmer and later had a store in town.

On one trip to town they traded for a winters supply of flour, sugar and kerosene. On the way home the kerosene leaked into the sugar. They were too poor not to use it, so Margaret spread the sugar on pans and set it outside in the sun, but to no avail. All winter they ate kerosene flavored bread, cake and pies.

Told to Ruth (Carruthers) Parlin by her mother Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers

Agnes Algie had attended a private school for well-to-do girls in Scotland. In order to teach in America she had to attend a year of Normal School. The family was very poor and often she had no stockings to wear. Agnes taught in country schools traveling by horse and only made a meager living. Many of her pupils were big farm boys and harassed her, but she could handle them.

The school house was the center of community life, with dances, meetings, picnics, and many other good times. Although Agnes was engaged she joined in on these good times and enjoyed her teaching years as she waited for David Robertson.

One evening Agnes was coming home after dark, and the horse reared. Agnes couldn't see anything so she urged the horse on and a skunk let go. She had to bury her clothes when she arrived home.

The parents of her pupils took turns boarding the teacher. The home and food were often very poor. Sometimes at night Agnes had to keep a lamp burning by her bed to keep the bed bugs away.

Agnes played an heroic part in the Blizzard in 1888. The following is taken from a newspaper clipping in a a scrapbook belonging to her. "Pearl 'Shorty' Rickey in a talk before the Hotch School in Kansas, paid tribute to his pioneer teacher Miss Agnes Algie, who led him and the rest of the pupils whom she formed into a human chain, from the school house to the nearest neighbor home through the blizzard of 1888 by grasping her way along the fence. Her heroic act in saving them from what Rickey says would have been slowly freezing to death has placed this wonderful woman in his cherished memories".

Agnes made many lovely things for her hope chest in the years she waited for David. One of these things was a linen laundry bag. Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers can remember it. It was gathered at the bottom with a fringe or tassel. Agnes had pulled the thread to make the fringe. James Algie, her father, was furious that she would spend good money for linen and then pull the threads out.

Told to Ruth (Carruthers) Parlin by her mother Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers


Descendants of Matthew Algie

Generation No. 1


Child of MATTHEW ALGIE is:

2. i. JOHN2 ALGIE, b. 1809.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 ALGIE (MATTHEW1) was born 1809. He married MARGARET BARTON. She was born 1806.


3. i. JAMES3 ALGIE, b. January 08, 1834, Paisley, Scotlansd.

Generation No. 3

3. JAMES3 ALGIE (JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born January 08, 1834 in Paisley, Scotland. He married MARGARET PATTERSON, daughter of JOHN PATTERSON. She was born January 12, 1842 in Carmyle, Scotland.


4. i. AGNES4 ALGIE, b. March 06, 1865, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, County Lanark, Scotland; d. March 02, 1935.

ii. JAMES ALGIE. Notes for JAMES ALGIE: from obituary of Dr. Robert Algie Came from Glasgow, Scotland to America with family in 1885 at the age 10. Son of James and Margaret Patterson Algie. Lived on a farm near Morrowville, Kansas. After several years on farm moved to Washington, Kansas where further engaged in business for years.Owned a dry goods store.

iii. MATTHEW ALGIE. Notes for MATTHEW ALGIE: Moved to California. Had a hardware store.

iv. JOHN ALGIE. Notes for JOHN ALGIE: Went to college. Engineer. Built Railroad bridges, helped to open up the west.

v. MARGARET ALGIE. Notes for MARGARET ALGIE: Mother of Pauline Davis.

Generation No. 4

4. AGNES4 ALGIE (JAMES3, JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born March 06, 1865 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, County Lanark, Scotland, and died March 02, 1935. She married DAVID ROBERTSON, son of DAVID ROBERTSON and ELIZABETH ALLEN. He was born December 12, 1861 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.


5. i. MARGARET ALGIE5 ROBERTSON, b. March 13, 1891, Forest Hills, Boston, MA; d. October 19, 1970, Westbrook, Cumberland County, ME.

ii. ALLAN ROBERTSON, b. 1893, Upstairs apartment on South Street, Framingham, Ma.

iii. STANLEY ROBERTSON, b. 1896, Emmes Street.

iv. FENTON ROBERTSON, b. 1898.

v. JAMES ROBERTSON, b. 1905, Lincoln Street.

vi. JOHN ROBERTSON, b. 1908.

Generation No. 5

5. MARGARET ALGIE5 ROBERTSON (AGNES4 ALGIE, JAMES3, JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born March 13, 1891 in Forest Hills, Boston, MA, and died October 19, 1970 in Westbrook, Cumberland County, ME. She married PAUL EDWARDS CARRUTHERS September 30, 1915 in Framingham, MA, son of JOHN CARRUTHERS and SUSIE PAUL. He was born May 31, 1891 in Saco, ME, and died March 21, 1964 in Portland, Maine.

More About MARGARET ALGIE ROBERTSON: Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine


6. i. JOHN BURR6 CARRUTHERS, b. August 24, 1916, Worcester, MA; d. December 07, 1985, Juneau, Alaska.

7. ii. AGNES ALGIE CARRUTHERS AKA NANCY, b. July 16, 1918, Worcester, MA.

8. iii. RUTH CARRUTHERS, b. September 05, 1920, Worcester, MA; d. July 31, 2000, Yarmouth, ME.

9. iv. ELIZABETH CARRUTHERS, b. March 27, 1927, Newton Center, MA; d. November 02, 2004, Cape Elizabeth, ME.

Generation No. 6

6. JOHN BURR6 CARRUTHERS (MARGARET ALGIE5 ROBERTSON, AGNES4 ALGIE, JAMES3, JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born August 24, 1916 in Worcester, MA, and died December 07, 1985 in Juneau, Alaska. He married (1) EDITH M. YUILL February 1943 in Worcester, MA. She was born April 22, 1915 in Northampton, MA, and died November 10, 1989 in Easthampton, MA. He married (2) DOROTHY FRANCES WENDEL July 04, 1948. She was born 1921, and died August 02, 1974 in Juneau, AK. He married (3) CLARA 1977.


i. JOHN BURR7 CARRUTHERS III, b. December 09, 1944, Philadelphia, PA; m. JANE KETCHAM DOWNING, July 27, 1968, St. Petersburg, Florida; b. October 10, 1945, Brooklyn, NY.

Notes for JOHN BURR CARRUTHERS III: John born in PA because Jac was stationed at Fort Dix, NJ


ii. PAUL EDWARDS7 CARRUTHERS, b. October 03, 1949; m. WYNELL.

iii. FRANK WENDEL CARRUTHERS, b. February 21, 1952.

iv. JUDITH FLEMING CARRUTHERS, b. January 13, 1957, Dexter, Maine; m. (1) DAVID GEORGE DAU, July 10, 1977; b. September 10, 1955, Okmulgee, Oklahoma; m. (2) BRADLEE GENE SMATHERS, August 12, 1983; b. April 30, 1957, Columbus, Ohio. Notes for JUDITH FLEMING CARRUTHERS: Divorced 1979

7. AGNES ALGIE CARRUTHERS AKA6 NANCY (MARGARET ALGIE5 ROBERTSON, AGNES4 ALGIE, JAMES3, JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born July 16, 1918 in Worcester, MA. She married (1) COLEMAN FORBES BICKNELL September 02, 1939 in Framingham, MA. He was born May 21, 1913 in Worcester, MA, and died September 29, 1956 in Portland, Maine. She married (2) EDWARD A. TABER JR. July 11, 1970 in Scarborough, ME. He was born September 19, 1917 in Dorchester, MA, and died February 28, 1999 in Gorham, ME.


i. BRUCE WILLIAM7 BICKNELL, b. August 14, 1941, Oklahoma City, OK; m. (1) PIERRETTE DENICE DANSEREAU, November 26, 1966, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; m. (2) PAMELA DROLL, 1990; b. March 09, 1957, Annapolis, MD.

ii. BRIAN PAUL BICKNELL, b. February 22, 1944, Portland, Maine; m. PATRICIA ELAINE TOFURI, February 18, 1967, Winchester, MA; b. May 11, 1944, Winchester, MA.

8. RUTH6 CARRUTHERS (MARGARET ALGIE5 ROBERTSON, AGNES4 ALGIE, JAMES3, JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born September 05, 1920 in Worcester, MA, and died July 31, 2000 in Yarmouth, ME. She married GORDON FLETCHER PARLIN April 24, 1943 in Framingham, MA, son of GEORGE PARLIN and FREDA WELCH. He was born November 17, 1919 in Dorchester, MA, and died September 24, 1998 in Falmouth, ME.  Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME More About GORDON FLETCHER PARLIN: Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME


i. JANET7 PARLIN, b. November 29, 1944, Waltham, MA; m. MARTIN F. GODFREY, January 14, 1965; b. July 04, 1943, Portland, Maine; d. April 09, 2003, Bangor, Maine.

ii. CAROL PARLIN, b. December 20, 1946, Somerville, MA; m. ALEXANDER BLOCH BRIGGS, April 20, 1968, Dexter Methodist Church, Dexter, ME; b. July 24, 1945, Great Barrington, MA.

iii. LINDA PARLIN, b. May 06, 1948, Brunswick, Maine; m. THOMAS EDWARD DAILEY, April 18, 1975, Wilton, Maine; b. June 21; d. November 04, 1996, Portland, Maine.

iv. DONALD FLETCHER PARLIN, b. June 01, 1953, Portland, Maine; m. (1) BARBARA BELLOLI, September 30, 1972, Framingham, MA; b. January 29, 1955, Framingham, MA; divorced December 16, 1986. m. (2) MARY MARGARET GALVIN, December 08, 1987, Framingham, MA; b. May 15, 1960, Bottineau, North Dakota.

v. ROBERT BURR PARLIN, b. June 01, 1953, Portland, Maine; m. ANN MARIE MILLER, August 26, 1972, Rockport, Maine; b. March 12, 1953, Rockland, Maine.

9. ELIZABETH6 CARRUTHERS (MARGARET ALGIE5 ROBERTSON, AGNES4 ALGIE, JAMES3, JOHN2, MATTHEW1) was born March 27, 1927 in Newton Center, MA, and died November 02, 2004 in Cape Elizabeth, ME. She married (1) WILLIAM FRANKLIN DAVIS July 17, 1948 in Sunset Point, Yarmouth, Maine. He was born May 03, 1927 in Lewiston, ME, and died April 27, 1965 in VA Hospital, Augusta, ME. She married (2) MAYNARD E. HODGKINS September 01, 1966 in Sunset Point, Yarmouth, Maine. He was born February 26, 1919 in Portland, Maine, and died May 24, 1997 in Portland, Maine.


i. SUSAN L7 DAVIS, b. July 08, 1959, Sanford, Maine; Adopted child; m. (1) ALLEN FISK, Never married; m. (2) WILLIAM COCHRAN, May 04, 1985; m. (3) CHARLIE BRITCH, February 28, 1991; m. (4) JOHN CARROLL, April 03, 1996.

ii. SCOTT ROBERTSON DAVIS, b. March 05, 1961, Portland, Maine; Adopted child; m. (1) CHRISTINA MARIE NADEAU; b. June 17, 1965; m. (2) KATHRYN ELIZABETH KNAPP, July 04, 1981, Cousins Island Chapel; b. March 04, 1959.