Branches of Our Family Tree


Foley ~ McGrath
Authority: Janet (Bloch) Briggs

The following letter was written to Annie Foley Briggs and given to her as she was leaving, Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada after the birth of her second child, Robin.  She had returned to Chatham during her pregnancy taking her first child Joseph with her, as she felt the birth would be a difficult one and wanted to be with her mother and nine sisters.

"Chatham, Nov 12, 1881

Dear Sister,

Fearing you are about to leave us and take up your abode in foreign parts, allow me in behalf of your sisters, to tender to you our heartfelt sorrow at your departure from our midst, and that I, as one, cannot accompany you on your journey.  Rest assured, dear sister, our kind wishes will follow you in your travels through life and our constant prayer shall be that God will bless you and your husband and children where ever your future lot may be cast.  May your journey be a safe and pleasant one and may you arrive at your destination and meet your husband as safe and well as when you bid him good-bye and started for the country of your birth.  We will greatly miss your company and your little children whom we have learned to love so well and whose childish prattle we will miss so much when other faces encircle them.  Please remember us occasionally when you are settled in your home in the great metropolis of the west, and think with a kindly feeling of the old home where we were brought up together under the care of loving parents and where our dear father lies beneath the sod of the old churchyard of St. Michael.

Our grief will be great, indeed, at your leaving us, but we will be content with the knowledge that we will meet again, if not in this world, in a happier home above, where parting is unknown.

May God bless and protect you and bring you safe to your home in New Hampshire.

I remain yours in faith, hope and charity.

Mary Foley"