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Authority: Paul Edwards Carruthers, Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers

David Robertson was going with Agnes Algie at the time her family was making plans to go to America. This impending separation no doubt, hastened their engagement. David was apprenticed out as a watch maker and he remained in Scotland for five years finishing his apprenticeship. He received a letter from his employer to a jeweler in New York. He landed in New York in 1888. The New York jeweler gave him a letter to a Mr. Fenton in Boston and he was employed by him for two years.

David's father had a sea chest made for him to bring his belongings to America. This chest used to be in the back bedroom with the nasturtium wall paper, and had been painted cream color to match the rest of the furniture. I think Stanley and Elizabeth had it after David died.

David visited Agnes in Kansas, and in April 1890 they were married in Mr. Fenton's home in Boston. Agnes was 25 and David was 30.

Mr. Fenton was very kind to David and encouraged him to get a store of his own. He told David of the store in Framingham, through an ad in a trade magazine, "Keystone". Framingham was a growing community and Mr. Fenton put up the money for David to get started.

At first he only had half the store with Frost Millinery in the other half. In those early days David had a work bench at home.

When the Dennisen Mfg. Co. moved to town, Framingham boomed and the jewelry store was a growing business from then on.

Told to Ruth (Carruthers) Parlin by her mother Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers

Margaret Robertson - probably high school graduation.

Margaret Robertson 1914 - engagement photo


This is a family portrait of the David Robertson family taken about 1919 . . . I base that date on the fact that I was born July 1918 and I look to be about a year old in this picture . Nancy Carruthers Taber

BACK ROW from left to right.  Allan (oldest son, Stanley, Fenten, Agnes Algie, Paul Carruthers

FRONT ROW from left to right. James Robertson, Betty [wife of Allan] holding baby David, David Robertson, Jack Carruthers, Margaret Robertson Carruthers, holding baby Nancy (aka Agnes named for grandmother Agnes) and John Robertson, youngest of the five sons.

Agnes Algie Robertson had five sons and one daughter.  She is the one who came from Scotland with her family and traveled to Kansas by covered wagon.  She taught in a one room prairie school.  Some 1st and 2nd grade boys were bigger than she was.

Agnes Algie Robertson 1865-1935

David Robertson 1861-

David and Agnes [Algie] Robertson in front of their home about 1933.  This picture was taken when they left for a trip to Florida.  Agnes had a bleeding ulcer and died while in Florida.


Descendants of James Robertson

Generation No. 1




Generation No. 2



3. i. DAVID3 ROBERTSON, b. December 12, 1861, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Generation No. 3

3. DAVID3 ROBERTSON (DAVID2, JAMES1) was born December 12, 1861 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He married AGNES ALGIE, daughter of JAMES ALGIE and MARGARET PATTERSON. She was born March 06, 1865 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, County Lanark, Scotland, and died March 02, 1935.

More About DAVID ROBERTSON: Emigration: May 21, 1888, S. S/ Furnessia, New York Harbor. Listed as a 26 year old watch maker.


4. i. MARGARET ALGIE4 ROBERTSON, b. March 13, 1891, Forest Hills, Boston, MA; d. October 19, 1970, Westbrook, Cumberland County, ME.

ii. ALLAN ROBERTSON, b. 1893, Upstairs apartment on South Street, Framingham, Ma.

iii. STANLEY ROBERTSON, b. 1896, Emmes Street.

iv. FENTON ROBERTSON, b. 1898.

v. JAMES ROBERTSON, b. 1905, Lincoln Street.

vi. JOHN ROBERTSON, b. 1908.

Generation No. 4

4. MARGARET ALGIE4 ROBERTSON (DAVID3, DAVID2, JAMES1) was born March 13, 1891 in Forest Hills, Boston, MA, and died October 19, 1970 in Westbrook, Cumberland County, ME. She married PAUL EDWARDS CARRUTHERS September 30, 1915 in Framingham, MA, son of JOHN CARRUTHERS and SUSIE PAUL. He was born May 31, 1891 in Saco, ME, and died March 21, 1964 in Portland, Maine.

More About MARGARET ALGIE ROBERTSON: Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine


i. JOHN BURR5 CARRUTHERS, b. August 24, 1916, Worcester, MA; d. December 07, 1985, Juneau, Alaska; m. (1) EDITH M. YUILL, February 1943, Worcester, MA; b. April 22, 1915, Northampton, MA; d. November 10, 1989, Easthampton, MA; m. (2) DOROTHY FRANCES WENDEL, July 04, 1948; b. January 31, 1920; d. August 02, 1974, Juneau, AK; m. (3) CLARA, 1977.

ii. AGNES ALGIE CARRUTHERS AKA NANCY, b. July 16, 1918, Worcester, MA; m. (1) COLEMAN FORBES BICKNELL, September 02, 1939, Framingham, MA; b. May 21, 1913, Worcester, MA; d. September 29, 1956, Portland, Maine; m. (2) EDWARD A. TABER JR., July 11, 1970, Scarborough, ME; b. September 19, 1917, Dorchester, MA; d. February 28, 1999, Gorham, ME.

iii. RUTH CARRUTHERS, b. September 05, 1920, Worcester, MA; d. July 31, 2000, Yarmouth, ME; m. GORDON FLETCHER PARLIN, April 24, 1943, Framingham, MA; b. November 17, 1919, Dorchester, MA; d. September 24, 1998, Falmouth, ME.

iv. ELIZABETH CARRUTHERS, b. March 27, 1927, Newton Center, MA; d. November 02, 2004, Cape Elizabeth, ME; m. (1) WILLIAM FRANKLIN DAVIS, July 17, 1948, Sunset Point, Yarmouth, Maine; b. May 03, 1927, Lewiston, ME; d. April 27, 1965, VA Hospital, Augusta, ME; m. (2) MAYNARD E. HODGKINS, September 01, 1966, Sunset Point, Yarmouth, Maine; b. February 26, 1919, Portland, Maine; d. May 24, 1997, Portland, Maine.

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