The story is told that this portrait
was done by the Court Painter
sitting behind a screen.  It was
made while Ernst Bloch played
chess with Frederick the Great.
No Jews had portraits made.
It was against the Ten
Commandments.  Frederick
ordered the painting done.
The original portrait is at
the farm in Hillsdale.

Emanuel Ernst Godfrey Bloch


Joseph Bloch

Hannah (Goldstucker) Bloch


Joseph and Hannah Bloch with their six surviving children.
Edward, Godfrey, Joseph, Alex, Fannie, Bettie, Hannah, Emma
After three other children died of meningitis in one week in 1864,
it was said that Hannah never smiled again.


Hannah and Joseph Bloch


Alex, Edward and Godfrey Bloch


Emma, Fannie and Bettie Bloch


Edward Bloch

Elizabeth (Long) Bloch


Alexander Bloch son of Edward and Elizabeth (Long) Bloch

Godfrey Bloch

Jeanette (Fried) Bloch


Godfrey Bloch 1853-1905

Jeanette (Fried) Bloch 1871-1964


Nettie (Fried) Bloch


Nettie and her mother Sophie (Cramer) Fried
always called "Sophie Dear"


Blanche and Ruth Bloch in Vienna


Emil and Godfrey Bloch


Blanche and Alexander Bloch