Rev. John Burr Carruthers. Husband of Susie [Paul] Carruthers. 
Father of Jennie and Paul.

Susie [Paul] Carruthers.  Wife of John Burr Carruthers. 
Mother of Jennie and Paul.

Jennie D. Carruthers when she graduated from Mt. Holyoke circa 1908.
She was Paul's sister.

Paul E. Carruthers when he graduated from Clark College 1913.


Susie (Paul) Carruthers and daughter Jennie


John Burr Carruthers and his nephew Charles

Nancy Carruthers married Coleman F. Bicknell.
Nancy and Bick at Sunset Point- circa '42-43"

Elizabeth Carruthers - at 17 or 18 aspired to be a model.

Betty leaves modeling to marry William F. Davis at Sunset Point - 1948.

Betty's Wedding at Sunset Point
Left to Right:
Ruth C. Parlin, Elizabeth C. Davis, Nancy C. Bicknell, Dorothy [Wendall] Carruthers

Betty and second husband Maynard Hodgkins about 1985.


Paul Edwards and Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers
Sunset Point, Yarmouth, Maine


West Gorham Market.  Margaret Carruthers standing on porch.

Margaret (Robertson) Carruthers

Margaret [Robertson] Carruthers at Sunset Point aprox. 1968.