The Parlins are from the Highland Scotch.

The Scottish Highland Clan Pharlane or MacFarlane, derived its name from the chief Parlan, who lived during the reign of King David Bruce, and who was a descendant from the ancient Celtic Earls of the district to which the clan belonged (the Lennox) and from King Kenneth III.

In the sixteenth century the MacParlan, Pharlane or MacFarlane clan was strongly Protestant, and when Queen Mary escaped from prison, collected an army and attempted to re-establish her church, the MacFarlanes opposed her.

Strictly speaking, the clan name was Pharlane and the chief's was MacFarlane.

The War Cry of the clan was Loch Sloy (The Loch of the Host).

The Clan Pipe Music, Thogail nam bo (Gathering), Lifting the cattle

The Badge, A'Muileag (cranberry) or Oireag, faighreag, or feireag (cloudberry)

The earliest, and, in fact, the only record of a Parlin coming to America before 1800, is found in Drake's Founders of New England, which reads as follows:

20 Novembris 1636

Theis under written names are to be transported to the Barbadoes,
imbarqued in Expedition, Peter Blackler m.  The men have taken
the oaths of Allegence and Supremacie.  And have been examined by
the minister of the towne of Gravesend touching their conformitie to
the orders and discipline of the Church of England die et A p

                                            John Parlin 

The above mentioned John Parlin probably married at Barbadoes, and Nicholas Parlin, whose name appears in the Cambridge, MA. records about 1660, was his son.